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Q.Is Free Ever After Bridal Boutique a non-profit?

A: As of September 2019, we are a for-profit LLC. In order to expand our ability to create more revenue without jeopardising Free Ever After Intl's (FEAI) 501c3, FEABB became it's own entity. FEAI is a 501c3 and operates now as Masterpiece Mentorship Program.  


Q. Do you still take donated dresses?

A. In order for our community to receive a tax receipt, we have partnered with organizations who will receive the donated dresses and who in turn we will from them directly. This helps meet an immediate funding opportunity for the nonprofit in need and allows us to support other nonprofits. 


Q. How much of the proceeds actually go to empower survivors?

A. Every aspect of our operating budget benefits survivors in one or more of the following areas.

  1. Funding mentorship program

  2. Facilitating a job-skill training program

  3. Providing a rent free space for Masterpiece Mentorship. 

  4. Creating revenue for partnered organizations we purchase dresses from. 

  5. Purchasing program curriculums and materials. 

  6. Bus passes

  7. Donating dresses to survivors having a wedding


Q. Do I have to make an appointment?

A. No, but it is highly recommended. Our scheduled appointments will take preference over walk in brides. 


Q. What is the mission of Free Ever After Bridal Boutique?

A. Our mission remains the same, to provide funding for services for survivors of sexual exploitation. This transition allows us to support more than one organization, both locally and abroad in other states in the near future. 


Q.Can people still volunteer at the boutique?

A. Unfortunately no. It is what we will miss most about our transition We've had amazing volunteers. We are certainly partnering with agencies and schools for internships and job skill training opportunities for women. 


Q. How can I support the work you do?

A. Purchase our dresses!!!

The more dresses we sell, the more funding survivor services receives.

Donate to our partnered nonprofits.


Q. Do you only sell wedding dresses?

A. No, we have a great selection of formal dresses for all occasions. Prom, homecoming, bridesmaid and mother of the bride/groom.